Leigh Kersnovske

Leigh is commonly known as the Tango Diva due to writing the Tangonut news for many years.

She started dancing Latin in 2003 and when introduced to Argentinian Tango in 2005, she never looked back. She won the Queensland Argentinian Tango Salon Championship in 2007. Also, She was a Finalist in the Australian Salon Tango in 2007. She was fortunate to be a part of the rapid Tango growth in Brisbane with fanatical weekly home practices to nut out new moves being developed overseas.

Her Australian Teachers include Sandra & Ross Davies, Damian Thompson, Cheryl & John Lowery, Fabio & Anna Robles, Judy Gaunt, Rosemary & Greg Ensbey, and Renee & Doni. She toured Argentina in 2007 and 2009 and has had hundreds of different teacher’s inputs over the years. She has been privileged to have dances with Fabricio Forte, Murat, Carlos Costes and many more.

To Leigh, the fundamental basis of tango is the Connection. She says ‘It doesn’t matter what steps you have in your repertoire, how musical you are, if you can’t comfortably connect physically with another dancer then the dance can’t flow, you can’t relax and the likelihood of injury increases. If you can support your own axis, feel settled with another, then you can fine tune your signals for giving and receiving’.