Sunshine Coast Tango Boot Camp 8-10 November, 2019
A very successful weekend!!!
Big Thanks to teachers Renee & Doni and all participants.

The Tango Boot Camp is a wonderful weekend where we create great memories, connect and share our Tango passion.


“We love the Boot camp weekend! There are so many positive experiences, great conversations, wonderful dances, and of course, lots of intense learning. 
As teachers travelling through a community, we don’t always get the time to witness the change in people when they take a single workshop. The Boot Camp is different, we get to see the huge progress that is made by all the students. It’s amazing to see the exploration, understanding and creativity grow over the two days. We love that people achieve something that they thought was impossible.
Not only does the Boot Camp effect peoples dancing, we also see new friendships formed. People helping one another through the concentrated learning process, or just chatting over food and drink between dances”. Renee & Doni


“The collaborative efforts between Sunshine Coast Tango and TangoMelbourne to form this Boot Camp was amazing! The venue was lovely and environment was always positive and friendly! Not to mention the weather and adjacent beach was such a pleasure! I hope to visit again in the near future!” Jason & Carlia

“Attended the Sunshine Coast boot-camp with Doni and Renee in November. I believe they are as good if not better than some of the better tango teachers who do not own an Australian passports! If you get my drift 🙂
Three thoughts about the workshops:
1. Useful on the social dance floor with elegant rather than “showy” moves.
2. Teachers demonstrations were inspiring from simple moves to some more intricate moves.
3. Ability to explain how to do it from different perspectives as we all learn differently.

And finally the hostess Cath who makes everyone feel at home, and puts in a massive effort to make it happen”. Ron